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Annual Closing

August 25 – September 20th 2015, South 'n France will be closed for annual vacation. We will reopen on September 21st . Any online orders placed during our annual closing will be shipped on or after September 21st, in accordance with our hot weather shipping policy. Thank you for your patience.  As you wait for the our return, we hope you enjoy some scenes from the French countryside surrounding Pascal's home village:

The road that leads "home". One of the most extraordinary things about countryside is the light that has inspired some the world's most magnificent paintings.

A field of sunflowers on the side of the road. Farmer's allow you to roam the fields the small tractor paths. You can even pick a few wildflowers, just not too many!

"Buy local" is a way of life and many local residents raise and sell their own products. This sign at the entrance of a French farmhouse reads: "Farm-raised rabbits for sale." Of course, they mean the kind you eat, not the kind you pet!

At the markets in the village square, you'll find a few trucks that make the rounds throughout the countryside--the cheese truck, the meat truck and the rotisserie chicken truck, to name a few. This is the work station of the butcher who mans the local meat truck.

The grande finale of a great meal--a Grand Marnier souffle with a lovely wine.

The view from Pascal's mother's bedroom, overlooking the town hall, the church steeple and the hot air balloons that frequently float by.

Why did the French chickens cross the road? They were probably on their way to the boulangerie for their morning baguette just like us!

Sausages at the local market; Pascal's favorite snack. These were especially delicious and we regretted not buying more.

Un cafe creme, s'il vous plait. That's what I order. It's a coffee with lots of milk because the French make STRONG coffee, especially in the country cafes where farmers are looking for the jolt they'll need to make it through hard day's work!

This is where the caretakers of the village castle live. Not bad, huh?

Gardens leading up to another castle, privately owned by a dental surgeon who spends his weekends in the French countryside. It's steeped in history. Here's the part I remember: Joan of Arc rode through here.

Someone's backyard and potting shed.

Vintage advertising. This painted sign on the garage door of a building reads: Wholesale Wine.

Yes, you really do see snails in France. Especially after it rains. And no, we did not eat this one!

The light. It's breathtaking. I wanted to paint every single sunset, and I don't know how to paint! So, I tried my hand at this photo, instead.

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