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True Confessions

An oldie, but a goodie! This is one of our classic blog posts and a favorite Valentine story, with this moral: true love is grand, but bon bons are better!
(P.S. This couple is now married; and we were invited to their wedding! A few years later, they had their first baby boy, and a smart friend called up and ordered bon bons for the new mother.)
True Confessions Christmas is pretty predictable; it's a time of merriment and joy and happy expectation. But for some reason, with Valentine's Day, we're never sure what to expect. The tone of the season feels a bit different each year. It seems that Valentine's Day is a holiday that brings out different things in different people. Some people turn all mushy and sappy; some people turn angry and bitter; and some people turn into thieves! That's exactly what happened to one of our (normally) angelic customers, who felt so guilty about her transgression, she had to confess. Here is the email she sent so that we would absolve her of her sin:

Hi Charlene, I have a confession to make.... After bringing home that tin of South 'n France Bon Bons, a special Valentine's gift for my very deserving boyfriend, I couldn't help but sit there and think: "I've got a whole tin of super delicious bon bon's in my fridge, just waiting to be eaten!" After wrestling with my conscience for over an hour, I decided to cut the shrink wrap, open a coconut bon bon (my favorite!) and pop it in my mouth. Like an addict, I felt like I was stealing something, but the flavor overrode any guilt I was feeling. Then I had to re-arrange the bon bons in the tin to make it look like there were only 17 originally (instead of 18). There....I feel much better now. I haven't decided if I will tell my boyfriend of the coconut fatality or not.

Thank you!

- Loyal Customer Turned Thief, Anonymous

What about you? Do you have a bon bon-related confession? We have taken a vow of chocolate-covered secrecy and we promise not to reveal your identity should you decide it's time for your own true confession!

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