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Naked Bon Bons

Naked Bon Bons in Zee Bedroom

Since we're approaching the month of February, I thought it was time to revisit what goes into the making of our bon bon vignettes (this one was featured in the February 2012 calendar). I've been compared to Barry, the Steve Carell character in Dinner for Schmucks who spends his free-time making intricate mouse dioramas. Click here to see the wonderful examples and rest assured that the mice are not real animals! As an aside, the movie Dinner for Schmucks (which neither Pascal, nor I enjoyed) is a disappointing adaptation one of our favorite French comedies, Le Diner de Cons.

You have to be more than a little quirky to spend your time working on miniature projects. And if you're not willing to make everything yourself (as Barry purportedly does in the film), you'd better be prepared to spend a lot of time researching miniatures online. Finding the right miniature bed, for example, is much harder than you might imagine. A lot of dollhouse furniture is made in a traditional Victorian style, but we felt our bon bons would want something more modern and fun. After hours of searching, I found this vintage red bed (complete with heart accents) on the United Kingdom eBay site. The actual "mattress" was an old piece of cardboard with a thin layer of patchwork fabric glued onto the cardboard to represent a bedspread. The "photo" in the round frame on the bed's headboard featured a Ken and Barbie-esque doll couple circa 1970's. In fact, the woman had a classic Farrah Fawcett hairdo. Despite needing some TLC and a few alterations, I knew this bed was the one. When it finally made its way across the pond, I commissioned my mother to make a more luxurious bedpread for our bon bon boudoir. I thought pink satin would be perfect for the February spread. You can't see it in the photo, but Mom even monogrammed the two little bon bon pillowcases! Next, we needed accessories. What would make for a romantic bedroom scene? Harlequin romances, of course! I found two miniature replica romances that even have printed micro text on the inside. I've haven't gotten out a magnifying glass to read the text, but I bet its something suitably torrid. I considered perfume bottles, Kleenex boxes, and other bedside accessories that didn't make the grade. In the end, we went with a classic Valentine's Day combo: flowers and lingerie. Finding lingerie for bon bons is no easy feat. What does a pleasingly plump bon bon wear in the bedroom? Hosiery and high heels were out of the question, since bon bons don't have legs. The ideal measurements for a woman may be the 36-24-36 hourglass shape, but the ideal porportions for a bon bon are a more rotund 1" sphere. In the end, I ordered a hot pink negligee and the black bra and panties that actually made it into the shot. Our lady bon bon model is a saucy litle minx, isn't she? We replaced the "Ken and Barbie" photo with a small cutout of a bon bon couple to make the illusion of a bon bon bedroom complete. With such a steamy bedroom scene in the photography studio, we knew things would heat up fast. Naked bon bons and pink satin may be a sinfully decadent combination, but it's also a messy one! The chocolate stains the satin, which means once the bon bons made contact with the bedspread, they couldn't be moved again. That didn't phase our photographer, Millie Holloman, who quickly captured the perfect shot for February (while lying on the floor in order to get the right perspective!). Prior to the publication of our 2012 bon bon calendar, Pascal had spent almost all of his time in the kitchen making the many thousands of bon bons needed to keep up with the growing demand during our holiday rush. He didn't even see the 2012 Bon Bon Calendar until a week after it had shipped to the active customers on our mailing list. February was the month that delighted him most. But in typical French fashion, he exclaimed in mock alarm: "Zare eez one ting missing from zees photo! Where are zee cigarettes?"

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