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The Best Chocolate Bon Bons? Google Seems to Think So!

A Bon Bon Queen may know all about good chocolate, the best places to find great shoes (my tips in a future blog!) and how to live a life of luxury on less than $40 a day, but I’m still learning about all things technical like SEO.  When my web gurus Hamid and Tess first mentioned it, I thought it sounded kind of sexy, mysterious, and powerful.  SEO.  Like UFO or CEO.  Well, turns out it stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It’s how the Googles and Yahoos and the Ask Jeeves of the world decide who comes up first on that list of six hundred billion results you get when you type in a search word.  Mysterious?  Yes.  Powerful?  Possibly.  Sexy?  I didn’t think so. 

Not that I don’t appreciate all things technological and geeky.  I’m a bit of a geek myself, and I’ve always had a thing for men who wear turtlenecks and reading glasses. As for the modern marvels of technology, I’m oh so grateful.  Where would I be without the internet, our dishwasher, those heated fans that speed up drying time on your freshly pedicured toes, and those cute little global positioning systems in rental cars that tell you to “Turn Left Now”?  But, the mechanics of it all just doesn’t turn me on.  As my friend Reggie likes to say, “I want the biscuit, not the recipe!” 

But then, that handsome Hamid asked, “Did you know that Google thinks you have the best chocolate bon bons?” 
“Well, of course, darling”, I responded cheekily, “doesn’t everyone?” 
He told me how he had recently checked our search engine rankings and discovered the most delicious news: South ‘n France is number one, the crème de la crème, at the top of the list of 635,000 for the search term: 'best chocolate bon bons'

Well of course, I had to try it for myself.  I went to google.com, typed in 'best chocolate bon bons', and there we were--in our rightful place at the very top of the page. (You wouldn’t expect a Queen to have her bon bons hanging out on page 12 or 13, now, would you?)  It’s still a mystery to me, but since we’re already seeing how powerful it is to have Google ranking us as number one, I’ve decided that SEO is very sexy indeed.


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