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Mom...You're Da Bon Bon!

Da Bomb: 1. the best, remarkable, extraordinary 2. simply outstanding

At South 'n France, we believe in celebrating Mother’s Day wholeheartedly and enthusiastically; in fact, chez nous, we celebrate it twice. This Sunday, May 14, we will honor our Mom/Mom-in-Law who lives in the States. At the end of the month, we will celebrate our French maman.

We tease our local Mom, Gwen, about her not so hip use of modern slang. She has been known to say things like: "Your father thought that baked potato with cheese was to bomb".

Of course, these days, we're working on introducing a new, fresher phrase into the nation's lexicon: Da Bon Bon! Definition? Something that's even better than da bomb!

Mom, we really do think you are da bon bon!

Five Great Ways to Show Your Mom How Much You Love Her:
1. Write a poem or a Top Ten List Entitled "10 Things I Love About You, Mom"
2. Frame a childhood picture of you and Mom together.
3. Give her a heartfelt hug and kiss, and express your gratitude for all she does.
4. Take a walk down memory lane; re-tell your favorite childhood memories.
5. Send her bon bons, of course!
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