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No Man Is An Island, But Is Foz Really Like Gilligan’s Island?

Recently, my DJ friend Foz of Z107.5 called on me to perform another singing telegram.  This time, his brother and sister were in town for a visit.  They agreed to come on the air for a morning of fun and games about Foz (whose last name is Fosdick!).  It was the first time since childhood that the three Fosdick siblings would be together, and at least two of them (Foz and his sister) were ready to raise a ruckus. Foz wanted a family theme song that would poke fun at their defining characteristics. He told me that his fraternal twin brother (the younger of the two) is gay and that his sister was a former beauty queen (first runner-up in the Miss Illinois pageant). Although she’s married with kids and approaching forty, he thinks she still acts like a twenty-nine-year-old. In fact, Foz told me that if there was anyone to worry about, it would be older sister Robin who might land them all in jail. For some reason, the theme song to Gilligan’s Island just seemed to work—the glamorous beauty queen sister, the intelligent, responsible gay brother as the Professor. Pascal and I would both be on the segment so we had a husband and wife team (okay so we’re not The Millionaire and His Wife, yet, but someday!) And, Foz? Well, clearly he must be cast as Gilligan. Click here to listen to the musical PG-13 portion of what happened on the air.


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