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Giving Frankie The Accordionist a Squeeze

Here was another thing we loved about Bastille Day: Frankie Gerald Accurso and his incredible vintage rhinestone accordion. Frankie has entertained at restaurants, country clubs, corporate functions, banquets and wedding receptions for more than 35 years. 

Accordians and the songs of Edith Piaf may well be the two greatest icons of French music, so his smooth sounds provided the perfect ambiance for the art gallery where we held our wine, bon bon and goat cheese tasting. Frankie even provided fantastic accompaniment to the Poodle and Puppy Parade! His repertoire is amazing, he takes requests, and he can even entertain as a one-man band that sounds like a five-piece combo! Even better, Mr. Accurso is one of the kindest, most professional musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  (I think he’s pretty cute too - and strong! Did you know that accordions weigh about 20-25 pounds?). Frankie lives in Bolivia, NC, which means he can travel to Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Southport and surrounding areas. We only recommend the best, and we can definitely recommend Mr. Frankie Gerald Accurso!  The accordion is sometimes called a “squeezebox”, but we think Frankie deserves a “squeeze” for adding so much to Bastille Day.  Hugs and kisses from The Bon Bon Queen, Frankie!

Here are a few fun pieces of accordion trivia from Mr. Smarty Pants:
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic got his first accordion at age 7 from his parents, who promptly enrolled him in the Famous Zamour Academy of Music. His grandmother would subsequently pay him a dollar every time he came over to visit and play his accordion.
  •  There used to be a game show/talent contest on television in the Soviet Union that was called "Play Your Accordion!"
  •   In 1990, there were an estimated 75,000 accordionists in the United States.
  •   Former Boston Celtics player Tony Lavelli used to play his accordion at half time.
  •   Deborah Norville (formerly of NBC's Today Show) is a closet accordion player.
  • The cities of Detroit, Skokie, Illinois, and St. Paul, Minnesota have designated the accordion as their official instrument.
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