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Shoes for a Superstar

A few months ago, I went to the best shoe store in town (Gigi’s on 1051 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC) for a shoe party. I was there to serve bon bons and speak about my success as the Bon Bon Queen due to opportunities from the Ladies Who Launch network. Since I am currently a queen on a budget, I had no intention of buying shoes. But, this gorgeous pair of Beverly Feldman black linen stilettos with a huge, glamorous, old-Hollywood-era rhinestone crystal just above the peep-toe were screaming "BUY ME!!" You may know that Beverly puts inscriptions on the bottom of her shoes. I have a pair of faux diamond-encrusted hot pink sandals that say “I Love Diamonds”. These swanky stilettos read, "Hello, Hollywood. Be a superstar!" 


I tried them on, and as I was wearing them around the shop, I stepped on a piece of bon bon that someone had dropped. Just like Diane Lane’s character in Under the Tuscan Sun who gets confirmation to buy an Italian villa when a bird christens her on the head, it was all of the confirmation this Superstar needed. Aren’t they simply divine?

In my shoe box there was a postcard entitled "How to Be A Queen" by Beverly Feldman (whose logo is "Too Much is Not Enough").
I just have to share it: 

  1. Be kind, generous and loving to your dogs, your jeweler, and to your shoemaker.
  2. Give and demand kindness, love, and generosity from everyone that crosses your path. 
  3. Possess a minimum of 1095 outfits with matching shoes and handbags (predominantly from Queen B), to cover a year's worth of events. Of course, jewelry is infinite because you are a queen. Anything that sparkles is considered jewelry.
  4. Work if you want--it's a good place to use some of your outfits (see #3). 
  5. Be healthy. Take care of your inner palace, and it will take care of you. 
  6. Be driven, instead of driving. It's easier to make cell calls, beauty appointments, and talk to other queens. 
  7. Flowers everyday to flower your mind. It's ok if they're not real. 
  8. Eat anything that you want, when you want, as much as you want. Queens have that special privilege. 
  9. Buy anything that you want, when you want, and as much as you want. Queens have the special privilege. 
  10. Make sure you know how to burn a lot of calories per day. 
  11. Make even more money than the calories you eat. 
  12. In life, let your shoes be your inner and outer guide. They are the windows of your soul.  Your shoes will follow you where your royal spirit leads. Your handbag will hold all the stuff you need for the journey. It will all be more fun in shoes and handbag designed by Queen B.
From the Bon Bon Queen to the fabulous Queen B - Mille fois merci! Your shoes are the bon bon!
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