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True Confessions: I Can’t Stop Reading Another Queen’s Diary

Now, if you think Beverly Feldman’s shoes are fantastic, you should read her blog, Diary of an Obsessed Shoe and Handbag Designer. She is not only a great bag and shoe designer, but also a genius comedienne. I aspire to live my own version of her fabulous, funny, globe-trotting adventures. She celebrated her sixtieth birthday not so long ago; she has boyfriends in every country; she dotes on her dogs; and she never diets and designs at the same time because “sugar feeds her creativity”. Here is just a sampling of Beverly’s bodacious blog and her delightful wit:
Beverly on her bust size: I was a perfect 34 B my whole life until of course I started liposucking my life away. You know what they say, it always comes back. Well, guess where mine landed! My recent quest in life is to keep my hair bigger than my bust. This only works with daily blow drying, a lot of spray and no rain.

Beverly on her weight: I wish I was fat today like I thought I was 30 years ago. Just bury me deep frozen in Haagen Daz Pralines and Crème when I die.

Beverly on the art of packing light: So, back to my packing. I arrive at the airport exactly 4 kilos overweight. I cannot believe it. I have left half of my belongings in Hong Kong, and I am still overweight. This is more stressful than Weight Watchers.
Beverly on fancy Manhattan restaurants: You need an encyclopedia to understand the ridiculous descriptions on the menu. That’s if you can get in. Soon, the menu will tell us where the pots and pans were made, and what time the chickens laid their eggs. Pre-dawn eggs certainly would certainly warrant a $25.00 price tag, don’t you think?

Beverly on Hong Kong brides (Notice yet another Scarlett sighting!): Brides in Hong Kong change up to six times. How fabulous is that? We should import that custom to the States. Most of the bride’s outfits are rented, but who cares? During a single wedding, they go from Scarlett O’Hara to the traditional Chinese bride of the last emperor days, finally ending up in Lanvin (not rented). It’s a dream - every time you turn around the bride is in another outfit. That’s my idea of heaven.

Beverly on her clients: My customers are women from 10 yrs who are going to Bar Mitzvah’s and want to wear my highest 4” rhinestone heels, to my adopted mother, Harriet Wright, the last living Copacabana Girl (87) who has a huge closet of my beaded flats.

Beverly on her style: I came from absolutely nothing. I wanted to be a star, so I dressed like one. I wanted to be a star and so designed my own life with the philosophy, ‘TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH’!!  I believe if you dress like a star, you will be a star. 

Beverly on her shoes: My shoes make women happy. My designs are more like legal mood elevators than ordinary footwear and bags. They are all conversation pieces; they are glamorous, fun; they are art. I have yet to meet a woman anywhere in the world that doesn’t love shoes. I design my collections based on what I personally would want to wear, and what my customers will think is new, and find totally irresistible. There is only one trend I follow - timeless glamour.

Fantastique, n’est-ce pas? So when you’re not reading me, be sure to read Beverly!


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