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They Came; They Tried; They Laughed; They Cried

Can I tell you how much my husband loves his job? At least a few nights a week, Pascal is surrounded by groups of beautiful women who listen carefully to everything he has to say.  Under his tutelage, they often laugh, they sometimes cry (okay, Katie, you were the only one who cried!), and they always try to follow his instructions to the letter. I’ve never seen Pascal shed a tear over the state of a guest’s cooking skills, but he often has a good laugh. Here are some great images (taken by Grapes and Crepes Party guest, Tami Mansur) when she and fourteen of her girlfriends recently spent the evening learning how to make crepes with us.

Nicole (in the pink and black) may not be the best crepe maker in town, but she is certainly an incredible gift-giver. She surprised us with a framed photograph of Rue Mouffetard, the street in Paris where Pascal and I met. Months ago, after hearing the story of how we met, she contacted a photographer friend in Paris and had him visit the street to get an incredible shot for us. She presented it to us at the beginning of this party. But that wasn’t the only wonderful surprise of the evening; Dolly announced to all of us that she’s expecting her first baby!

While we’re having fun every night at our place making bon bons and crepes, the folks at dinewilmingtononline.com are capturing other fun food-related events in the city. If you haven’t already done so, visit their photo gallery to see what’s been going on around town!  You’ll even find more fun images from our South ‘n France Bastille Day event last month.  Stay tuned for more photos of life at the Bon Bon Factory; we can’t wait to show you what happened this past Saturday night!


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