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Halloween in July and Christmas in March?

I don’t get out much for recreational shopping these days; life at the Bon Bon Factory keeps me far too busy. But last month, I had the opportunity to pop into two of my favorite stores:  T.J. Maxx and Homegoods. When I walked in the door of Homegoods, I was greeted by a huge display of Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations right in the front of the store. Christmas ornaments were even stacked for sale on nearby shelves! Although, the businesswoman in me understands the concepts behind such merchandising decisions, the romantic in me protests mightily. I think that repeated exposure months in advance of the actual holiday sullies the spirit of the occasion and numbs us to its charms. To walk the aisles of a store in the sultry July heat while listening to the spooky echoes of a life-size undulating witch just doesn’t seem right. By October 31st, her presence will just be white noise.

Despite my personal sentiments, our business requires us to plan for the holidays months in advance. Since June 1st, we’ve been busy little elves, working on packaging and party ideas for this December. Still, I was reminded by one of our vendors that we’re way behind schedule; I made a call to order a certain silk flower for our holiday tins only to learn that it was too late - I should have placed my Christmas order in March! But don’t worry; one missed deadline hasn’t stopped us from putting together some wonderful gift ideas. Here’s a sneak peek at of one of my favorites: Le Chocolat Bon Bon Mug (it says Bon Bons on the inside lip) that can be filled with four of our own South ‘n France Bon Bons. Even the box that it comes in is adorable, n'est-ce pas? So, while there are less than 120 shopping days until Christmas, there are far fewer planning and preparation days for us. This little elf should get back to work...


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