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Playing Along at Crazy Eights

This week our friend, photographer-extraordinaire Millie Holloman, double-dog-dared us to share eight crazy, unusual, little-known facts about ourselves. Here’s one about Millie: she once scheduled a ski trip for 40 youth and when she arrived, there was no snow... oops! Visit her blog to learn seven other interesting things about her. Pascal and I decided to share Millie's challenge, so we'll give you four crazy facts each:


  1. For years, Pascal has dreamed of owning a pet pig. I often wonder if he was a butcher in a past life, as he also loves pork chops, bacon, sausage and all other pork products.
  2.  As a child, he wanted to be a garbage truck driver when he grew up...honestly!
  3. He does a hilarious and very believable Brooklyn accent - "How 'ya doin'?"
  4.  He was a truck driver, stationed in Germany, during his compulsory military service for the French army.

This pig flashlight (that says "oink oink" when his mouth opens to reveal the light) is a part of Pascal’s faux pig collection. The collection has to suffice until he gets the real thing!


  1. In the third grade, I lost a spelling competition because I misspelled the word "coffee", and I still haven't gotten over it!
  2. Some of my previous jobs have included: switchboard operator, cocktail waitress, children's birthday party hostess and cabaret singer.
  3. I hate to drive, and dream of having my own personal chauffeur. With my chauffeur and Pascal’s pet pig, it will be just like "Green Acres"...
  4. I am a graduate of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts.
The Bon Bon Queen says: "He’s hired!"

So how about you? Share your crazy eight below in our comments section...

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