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Nothin’ Could Be Finer Than to Live in Carolina

This past Mother's Day, I spent the afternoon entertaining residents of a nursing home. I brought along bon bons, but since our resident chef was home sick and we couldn't do the South 'n France demo we had promised, I pulled out a few songs from my days as a cabaret singer and put together a 30-minute show instead. Nursing home residents can be a tough crowd; performers don't get a lot of foot-stompin', hand clappin', smiling, or cries of "Bravo!" and "Encore!" to egg them on. In fact, my friend Matt, who hails from the Midwest and came to help in Pascal's absence, said he couldn't tell if my audience was even listening. But, as I reached the end of my act, I announced that my next song would be: "Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina".  Then, I encouraged everyone to join in. Every face in the room lit up and every voice sang along enthusiastically. Some even swayed or danced in their wheelchairs.

As we were packing up after the show, Matt said:  "What happened? Did you notice that? It was incredible!"
"Notice what?", I asked, thinking nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Every single person in the room sprang to life to sing that Carolina song and they all knew the words! How could that be?"
"Well, of course they knew the words", I replied. "If you're from North Carolina, you know the song. It's like our state anthem."

But my Midwestern Matt remained stunned. I didn't dare tell him that we also grew up singing other songs about our state. "I Like Calling North Carolina Home" and "Carolina in my Mind" would have gotten similar reactions. It's like knowing the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Our Country 'Tis of Thee" and "America, The Beautiful". You hear them, you absorb them, you never forget them, and you always sing out with feeling.

Apparently, more and more people like calling North Carolina home, at least part-time. CNN and Money Magazine voted my hometown of Wilmington as the seventh best place to buy real estate because of its growing economy, temperate climate, beautiful coastline and affordable real estate. Almost forty percent of those real estate investors are nonresidents who vacation here because the living is easy and the weather is fine. One real estate team that not only appreciates the good life, but lives it themselves, is The Fine Coastal Living Team at Keller Williams Realty. Headed by CB Johnson and supported by his marketing assistant extraordinaire, Melody Browne, this group understands Wilmington and why it appeals to so many. They make finding the perfect property a breeze by allowing you to house hunt in lifestyle categories like: Golf, Beach, Historic, and Luxury.

Nothin' could be finer than good company, good wine, delicious crepes, and luxury gourmet bon bons. This week, The Fine Coastal Living team spent an evening at our place enjoying fine coastal living South 'n France style. We were thrilled to learn that the following day, the team sang our praises on their blog. Here’s what they had to say:

"Last night, The Fine Coastal Living Team and friends ventured The Maison Rose at 822 Orange Street (aka South n’ France) to experience the new Crepes and Grapes Party offered by nationally acclaimed/locally located Bon Bon experts Charlene Dupray and Pascal Siegler.

This husband and wife team has created a buzz making award-winning Bon Bons and throwing Champagne and Bon Bon parties at which you learn the art of cooking and eating the chocolate hand-dipped treats. South n’ France customers enjoyed the Bon Bon parties so much, they asked for more… and this is how Crepes and Grapes came to be.

We spent the evening eating, drinking, learning and laughing. Dinner crepes were a melted medley of ham, cheese, onion, spinach, tomato and sour cream. For desert, we got down and dirty with crepes full of jellies, chocolate, sugars and butter.

By the end of the night, we were buying each other rounds of Bon Bons and dreaming of owning crepe griddles. It was truly an awesome evening. For more information on how you can enjoy your own Bon Bon or Crepes and Grapes party, visit SouthnFrance.com."


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