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Chocolate Geography Gets an A+

The Bon Bon Factory is just a few blocks away from one of our local high schools, New Hanover High, which also happens to be my alma mater. I love this time of year because the weather is nice enough to work with the windows open, meaning that I get to hear the afternoon sounds of football practice, band practice, and giggling teenagers walking home from school. It brings back lots of memories from my own after-school activities, including long afternoons of marching band practice (I played the baritone saxophone).

In the chocolate world, future chocolatiers at Ecole Chocolat are also back in school and they've been working on cartography, the study of maps. Time for a mini French lesson here: the French word for map is "carte". Ecole Chocolat students created the world's only online chocolate map. Chocomap.com plots out the locations of specialty chocolate shops around the globe. We're proud to say that our award-winning gourmet bon bons have put Wilmington on the map. Want to see for yourself?
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