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American Diva Pronounces Our Bon Bons Better than French Ones!

We're lucky to have some amazing clients, including one mother and daughter duo from the South. The beautiful young daughter, Amy, wants to be a diva. No, not the MTV version of an arrogant, high-maintenance, out-of-control celebrity like Paris or Britney; a real diva, in the classical and most refined sense of the word. She is studying to be the next great female soprano opera singer.

Now, being a real diva is no easy task; it requires years of training. An opera singer's voice usually doesn't mature until she's well into her thirties. In addition to years of music classes and voice lessons, this American girl must also study foreign languages, pronunciation, and diction since most operas are performed in French, German or Italian. We have no doubt that our favorite diva-in-training has what it takes to make it in the competitive world of opera; we've already seen what she's willing to sacrifice for the things she loves. Even as a poor college student, Amy managed to work regular bon bon purchases into her budget, so imagine the lengths to which she will go for her love of opera!

Our future diva is currently spending a few months in France, brushing up on her French language skills and pronunciation. Now, we've always said that South 'n France makes the best bon bons "this side of the Atlantic", but recent taste tests confirm that we just may make the best bon bons in the world! Check out this excerpt from an instant message conversation between Mom, on the Southeast coast, and daughter Amy who has been eating bon bons on the other side of the ocean:

Amy:  ps tell them that the bon bons in Wilmington are every bit as good
Amy:  some better
Amy:  id rather have theirs
Mom:  wow
Amy:  yeah
Amy:  theyre not as hard
Amy:  i like their flavors
Amy:  esp the pistacio
Amy:  its grainier here

We love the message, and the photo's great too, Amy.  And thanks, Mom, for forwarding this to us!  It made our hearts sing...

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