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Yellow Pages Bring Colorful Questions

Like most businesses, South 'n France Bon Bons is listed in the Yellow Pages. The calls and questions we get via the Yellow Pages are by far the most unusual ones we receive. It seems that people resort to using this famous directory when they are on the hunt for very specific chocolate and candy gifts. Here are just a few of the creative questions we've fielded lately: 
  • Do you sell candy jewelry?  (This mother was making a cake in the shape of a jewelry box for her daughter's "dress-up" birthday party and wanted candy jewels spilling out of the cake.)
  • Do you carry lollipop molds in the form of John Deere tractors?
  • Do you sell marzipan pigs?
  • Do you have chocolate-covered strawberries?
  • Do you make orange-flavored bon bons? (Stay tuned: maybe soon!)
  • I’d like to make an appointment for a mammogram (Oops! Wrong number!)
  • Do you sell vintage candy?
  • Do you sell something called Turkish Delight?  (Another mom helping her daughter put together a presentation for a school project...We don’t sell Turkish Delight, but we were able to explain what it is!)
We know that people will go to great lengths to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, especially if that gift is made with chocolate.  That's why here at South 'n France we stick to making one thing - our hand-dipped chocolate bon bons - and making them better than anyone else in the country.  So although you won't find tractor-shaped lollipops and giant candy necklaces and rings at South 'n France, we guarantee that you will find the most incredibly delicious gourmet bon bons you've ever tasted. Meanwhile, we'll keep fielding those creative requests and directing them to the best resources we know. Meanwhile, take a look at our own creative ways to present your loved ones with bon bons this holiday season:

These adorable Bon Bon mugs in their own matching gift boxes are our hottest holiday gift item! Order them alone or fill them with six of our signature gourmet chocolate bon bons for an extra-sweet treat. Also available as a complete gift set including six delectable bon bons of your choice, gourmet cocoa mix or coffee, and mug!

Looking for even more gift ideas and fun stocking stuffers? Try our Paris Chocolat notecard and envelope set in matching gift box!
 New! We've got the perfect 'quick and easy' holiday gift idea: our gift cerfiticate cards in $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations. Visit the South 'n France online shopping cart for more information or to place your order.

And don't forget Santa! Rumor has it that our South 'n France gourmet, hand-dipped, chocolate bon bons are his favorite midnight snack!

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