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Bon Bon Queen Sparks Worldwide Fashion Trend

Wherever I go, my crazy cake and bon bon hat gets lots of attention. I’ve posed for countless photos with babies, tourists, the Red Hat Ladies, soldiers, and everyday citizens. I hear lots of quips and (mostly unoriginal) comments like: "Hey! Do you know you have a cake on your head?", "Where can I buy one of those?", and the ever-popular: "Is that a real cake on your head?"  asked just as frequently by adults as by young children. Many people fall in love the hat and tell me that I wear it well. Others want to know if they can wear it or buy one. Of course, by now I have stock answers to almost all of these questions and comments:

Comment:  Love the hat!

Answer:  You’ll love our bon bons even more!

Question:  How much is the hat?

Answer:  Priceless!

Question:  Can I wear that?

Answer:  Oh no!  You can’t wear this hat; you have to work the hat!

Question:  Is that a real cake on your head?

Answer:  What do you think?  (Amazingly, many people guess that it is real!)

Chinese Cake HatI explain to one and all that the hat is one-of-a kind, and I'd always just assumed that I would be the only one bold enough to adopt it as my standard uniform.

But I just may have unwittingly become a global trendsetter.  On a recent trip abroad, my friend, Gretchen, just happened to pass by a bakery on a bustling street in China when she had to stop for a quick double-take. Another woman with a cake on her head! I wonder how you say:  "Is that a real cake on your head?" in Chinese????


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