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Now This Chickadee is Rockin’ On Twitter

Okay. So I admit it. I was in a beauty pageant once. It’s a rite of passage for almost every Southern girl. My pageant was "The Teen Miss Wilmington Pageant". Years later, when I used to introduce myself on the cruise ships I would joke that I come from the land of beauty pageants and that I was in a beauty pageant once. Then, I'd borrow an old Phyllis Diller joke and tell the audience: "Not only did I come in last, I was punched in the face by Miss Congeniality". Truth is I actually was voted "Miss Congeniality". My talent wasn't too bad either. I sang "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in a fabulous sequined and rhinestoned military outfit. A couple of years later, I performed Rockin' Robin as an entertainer at another pageant in a black dress with red feathers all over it. My mother (who calls me "chickie") designed both costumes, and this was one of her favorite numbers and most favorite costumes. I promise I'll dig up the embarrassing photos for you someday...


(Is this Phyllis Diller in her Rockin’ Robin costume?)

That Rockin' Robin song has been going through my mind of late; this time with slightly different lyrics:

Twiddley dee, twiddley diddley dee
Twiddley dee, twiddley diddley dee
Twiddley dee, twiddley diddley dee
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet...

Every little sparrow, every chickadee
Loves to get on Twitter and go tweet-tweet-tweet

Yes, I too have joined the Twitter craze. What's Twitter, you ask? I had to ask too. My good friend Millie Holloman turned me on to Twitter ages ago. She's always on top of what's cutting edge, and I count on her to bring me up to speed. Millie has been Twittering on her blog for a long time. That's how I know that this morning she's getting back x-rays, even though we haven't actually spoken in over a week! Twitter is a free microblog service where users send updates known as "tweets" always in answer to the same question:  "What are you doing?" My Dad could have invented this - every time he calls someone, his first question is "What are you doing?"! The tweets are short - only 140 characters long. You can find them on blogs, you can get them sent to you on your cell phone as text messages, or you can have them instant messaged to your computer. 

One of the things that I love about my career as The Bon Bon Queen, is that my days are so versatile. Yesterday, for example, I started the morning trying to sort out a mix-up with our supplier of frozen gel packs. At 10 a.m. I was giving a speech to 50 women at a local civic club entitled: "How to Train Your Husband: What I Learned from Sandra Dee and a Dog Training Manual".  At 11 a.m. I was at the grocery store. At noon, I was working on an ad for Mother's Day that will appear in a local magazine next month. At 2 p.m. I was opening the door for a group of friends from across the country - North Carolina, Wisconsin, California, and Nebraska - who came to South 'n France for a Bon Bon and Champagne Party.  By 3 p.m. we were up to our elbows in homemade brownies, fudge, and hand-dipped chocolate! At 6 p.m. I was on a power walk through downtown with a friend, breathing in the crisp, sweetly scented Spring air. At 6:30 we were touring an Open House for a historic home that just went up for sale in the neighborhood. At 9 p.m. I was settling in next to Pascal to eat dinner and watch a Woody Allen movie.

So, wanna know what I'm up to? Watch out for my tweets! Do you Twitter? Let me know by leaving a comment here on the Bon Bon Blog. I love to keep track of my peeps...

Tweet! Tweet!



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