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Cast Your Vote for the Bon Bon Mom of the Year Contest! Voting Ends at Midnight

In celebration of Mother's Day we're asking you to cast your vote for our first annual Bon Bon Mom of the Year Contest! Read about our five 2008 finalists below, then be sure to call in to 910-795-1221 and tell us which contestant you think should be the winner! (Voting ends at midnight tonight, so get your vote in now!)
Contestant One:
Submitted By: 10-Year-Old Daughter, McKenzie
Summary: Wrote a letter and poem called My Mom Rocks! Click to read her poem.
Contestant Two:
Submitted By: Her Husband, Sheldon
Summary: Soldier in Iraq wants to thank his wife for having and raising their first baby, moving, remodeling and more while he's been gone. Click to read the story.
Contestant Three:
Submitted by: Daughter, Judith
Summary:At the tender age of 75, this Mom helps a 95-year-old woman by driving her to church, helping her run errands, balancing her checkbook and paying her bills, but that's only the beginning-click to read more!
Contestant Four:
Submitted By: Her Daughter, Amanda
Summary: Amanda wrote a creative song about why her Mom is the greatest. Click to see the lryics!
Contestant Five:
Submitted By: Daughter, Kristen
Summary: Through a 7-year illness, Kristin's Mom has been there every step of the way, including selling the family home in which she grew up, to be close by. Click to read more.
It takes less than one minute to call 910-795-1221 and cast your vote for the Mom you think is most deserving!
Then again, who could be more deserving than YOUR Mom? It's not too late to remember her with our gourmet chocolate bon bons. Show her that no matter who wins (Hillary, Obama, McCain) that she'll always be the top vote-getter in your heart. Call us or visit our online shopping cart to place your order now! 
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