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Generous Mystery Mom Declares All Moms Winners!

Here at South 'n France, we have the best customers in the world!  While we work hard to make the world a sweeter place, many of our customers send that spirited sweetness right back our way.  We’ve been incredibly fortunate to be the recipient of special gifts, kind words, free labor, enthusiastic word-of-mouth and more!

And now, thanks to one generous mystery Mom (who also happens to be a dear friend and client), our Bon Bon Mom of the Year Contest has an even happier ending than we had planned.  You see, choosing our five finalists (and then letting the public vote on a winner) was an extremely difficult decision. Every Mom is special, and the Moms who were submitted to the contest were all over-the-top amazing. Pascal and I wanted everyone to win! And, so did our Mystery Mom! She called in and offered to help us subsidize bon bons for every Mom we selected as a finalist. She said it would be her Mother’s Day present to herself.

We loved her idea, and we couldn't be more delighted to announce that in the spirit of celebrating all Moms, we're sending each Finalist a 16-piece Sampler of South ‘n France Bon Bons; Semi-Finalists (whose stories were not published) will receive an 8-piece Sampler.  We'll also send a thank you letter from our company along with a copy of the submission letter written by the loving person who entered her in the contest. So to all of the special Moms we got to know this year: "Sit down, relax, and savor every bon bon - you deserve it for all of the wonderful things you've done. We were honored to share in your story and learn about yet another remarkable woman who makes this world a better place."

Meanwhile, we know that our Mystery Mom would be thrilled if her act of kindness inspired you to pass it forward. Go on out there, find a Mom - any Mom - and make her feel special! Compliments, hugs, or just a simple "Happy Mother’s Day!" and a smile would be perfect.

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