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And The Winner Is....

South 'n France is proud to announce our very first Bon Bon Mom of the Year - Mrs. Debbie Bost of Rockwell, NC!

I had just as much fun as Oprah  and Ed McMahon today, calling both Debbie and the daughter who entered her in the contest, to share the exciting news. (Debbie was Contestant Number 4; her daughter, Amanda, wrote the Beverly Hillbillies song about her).

(2008 Bon Bon Mom of the Year, Debbie Bost, with daughter, Amanda Danielson)
We shipped out Debbie's winning gift basket this afternoon. Tomorrow, FedEx will deliver a pink and white feather boa, a tiara, elbow length satin gloves (fit for a queen), sunglasses decorated for a royal Bon Bon Mom, her first 6-month supply of delectable gourmet chocolate bon bons, a chocolate-themed satin pillowcase, chocolate-themed note cards, post-it notes, coffee mugs, bath products, books, and more!

Here is what Mom and Daughter had to say:

2008 Bon Bon Mom of the Year, Debbie Bost:
Our congratulatory phone call brought tears to Debbie’s eyes, but when she composed herself, she said: "I am very thankful to have a daughter that loves me enough to go through the trouble of making a song for me. I have two wonderful daughters that live in Wilmington, NC (home of South 'n France Bon Bons) and I hope to move there one day. I have been to a Bon Bon and Champagne Party, a chocolate festival, and my daughter shipped a package to me for my birthday - I eat them every chance I get. I am so excited, knowing I'll be able to enjoy bon bons for a whole year! All I can keep saying is thank you, thank you, thank you...this feels so special and exciting!" Debbie promises to send us photos of her wearing her Bon Bon Mom of the Year regalia, so we can share them with you!

Daughter Amanda:

"My mom is so excited and she can't wait to tell all of her friends! She really defines the essence of the word "Mom". Her world revolves around me and my sister - she would do anything for us! Mom is thoughtful, caring, protective, generous...the list goes on!  My mom is my best friend; both my sister and I talk to her daily. Even though we're adults, she is constantly feeding us, buying special treats for us, and putting us first, doing extra stuff to show us she loves us. In tough times, Mom is always the first one to show her support. When I was in college, a drunk driver pulled out in front of my car. He totaled both of our cars. I was 2 hours away from my mom, and even though she knew I was okay, she drove all the way to the scene of the accident, crying hysterically the whole time. The next day she went out and bought a cell phone and a pager to ensure she could be reached at all times just in case something like this happened again. A few years ago I had my tonsils removed, a very painful procedure for an adult. She took a week of vacation and came to stay with me during my recovery. I can't begin to list all of the wonderful things she does for us daily.  She truly deserves to be the Bon Bon Mom of the Year."

We couldn't have said it better! In honor the special Moms in our contest, we hope to honor every Mom for the joy and love they bring to the world! Happy Mother's Day!

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