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The Great Chocolate Depression

It's one of those days where I've got the blues. In French, one says:  "Je me déprime" - I'm feeling depressed. Did you know that during the Great Depression, chocolate makers tried to tout the nutritional value of their chocolate bars in an attempt to increase sales? Candy bars had names like: Chicken Dinner, Idaho Spud and Big Eats. Hershey's chocolate bar wrapper had this appetizing tag line: "More sustaining than meat". Now that's depressing! But never fear. As presiding Bon Bon Queen, I hereby promise that no matter how many trying days I encounter during my reign, I will never stoop to promoting Liver or Brussel Sprout Bon Bons...

To see how chicken and chocolate should go together, pay a visit to the Domestic Goddess in Training.  She’ll give you the recipes for this delicious looking dinner:


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