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Recipe for a Delicious Summer Novel

Place towel, bag, and cold beverages on a well-heated beach. Grease body generously with sunscreen; large black sunglasses optional, but recommended.
Assemble the following ingredients:

1 young, thoroughly modern heroine completely obsessed with the elegant screen legend Audrey Hepburn
2 evil co-workers blended with a pinch of Devil Wears Prada and a dash of Ugly Betty
1 fresh, saucy gay sidekick
1 hunk of a straight man with a large fortune, private jet, and good heart
Mix well. 
Next, add:
Several cups of witty dialogue
3-5 handpicked, exotic locations
A heaping teaspoon of sea and salt air
Top with old Hollywood glamour and lots of film references
Garnish with 2-3 twists of plot and a generous dollop of haute couture
Your delicious dish should look like this:


You all know that I love a good read, and I read everything - from memoirs to fiction to business books to cookbooks to travelogues.  One of my favorite treats is digging in to a fun summer book that reads like a great romantic comedy. I tend to devour them in one or two helpings (kind of like buying a gorgeous chocolate cake and then eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner). This summer, I've already found a most scrumptious delight - Karen Quinn's new novel, Holly Would Dream.

There were many surprises in this fun, fast-paced romp, but for me, the greatest surprise of all was finding South ‘n France Bon Bons mentioned in the book! That's right - our bon bons are grouped right in there with New York's high society, exclusive "in-crowd" restaurants, and fashionistas who dress better than the girls from Sex and the City. I mean, can you get over it? I can't! Want to read a great description of Holly Would Dream and the bon bon excerpt?

Well, I was so excited by this honor, that I called up author Karen Quinn (who by the way, is as sweet, petite, kind, and funny as both Audrey and her character Holly) and begged her to come down to Wilmington for a reading and a book signing. Guess what? She agreed! So, save the date for July 10th. You'll get to meet Karen, have a copy of her book signed, and perhaps even win your own bon bons at the Mayfaire Barnes & Noble at 7 p.m. Don't forget to wear your favorite little black dress; Audrey-inspired outfits are sure to be rewarded...
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