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K is for Kayak

One thing I've never really understood about the South is why we have this strange habit of using the letter "k" in place of the letter "c". It's as if one very important episode of Sesame Street only airs north of the Mason Dixon line. A quick check in our area yellow pages revealed these business names: There’s a restaurant called The Krazy Krab. Convenience stores like Kwik Mart, Kwik-E-Mart, and Kwik Stop (Is it really more convenient to write "k" instead of "q-u"?)

Kute Kids; Kitty Kats Embroidery; Kwik Kuts Hair Salon (not to be confused with Kwik Kutz a few towns over or Kute Kuts in Myrtle Beach); Krystle Kleen Cleaning, A Kleen Finish and Squeek E Kleen (do they clean as well as they spell?); and then, my personal favorite, Krazy Kat Tattoo. (I don't know about you, but I'd be afraid to get a tattoo at a parlor that can’t spell the word "c-a-t").

Now, there is one local business that should have a "k" in its name: Hook, Line & Paddle Canoe & Kayak Outfitters (notice that they didn't even try to be "kute" and write "kanoe"). I had my first kayak lesson on Sunday morning, a birthday gift from my darling husband. We kayaked with Chris (one of the owners) in and around Wrightsville Beach for more than two hours. It was beautiful and tranquil and completely transporting. And, I can't wait to go kayaking again. I guess I'm what we Southerners would call a convert.


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