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R.I.P.: Rest in Pringles?

As the Bon Bon Queen, one of my job responsibilities is to stay up-to-date on food industry news and trends. Most of the time, this task is extremely boring. Here are some typical headlines: Cocoa Demand Could Cause Prices to Rise; Tea Sales Expected to Grow Dramatically;and Rising Price of Corn Causes Companies To Look Back to Sugar (a piece on substituting sugar for corn syrup in recipes since corn is so expensive right now). Do you see what I mean? This is not exactly riveting reading material. But every once in a while, I stumble on a piece of food industry news so strange or interesting, that like this one, it's worth sharing:

Frederic Baur, the man who invented the Pringles Potato Chip can was so proud of his creation he asked to be buried in one of his famous canisters. Baur died at the age of 89 on May 4 in Cincinnati. His remains were cremated, with a portion being placed inside one of the signature tubular potato chip canisters. Last week, his children buried the canister (along with an urn containing the overflow) in a graveside service.  Visit CNN.com for the full story. R.I.P., Mr. Baur. 

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