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A Necklace of Bon Bons

I've written before about Kristin Espinasse and her French-Word-a-Day blog.

This morning’s entry about her 10-year-old daughter's sweet dream caught my fancy. It's a beautiful reminder of how sometimes the greatest pleasures, the most fabulous riches are not made of diamonds or rubies or gold. And it brought to mind one of my favorite quotes:

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."
-Emma Goldman
A few years ago, I traded in a salary that afforded me expensive jewelry for a house full of fresh flowers and enough bon bons to make a million candy necklaces. And I do feel richer indeed.
Kristin’s breakfast table conversation:
Ten-year-old (dreamy) daughter: Guess what you bought me in my dream?
Forty-year-old (groggy) mommy: Voyons*.... a horse!
Dreamy Daughter: (giggles) No...
Groggy Mommy: Hmmm.... un cobaye?*
Dreamy: (giggles) No... un collier de bonbons!
Groggy: A candy necklace? Ouf!* That's much less expensive than a horse!
Dreamy : (giggles of agreement)
Groggy: So, you eat bonbons during the day, silly you, and you eat bonbons in the night now, too. Well, that must be sweet!
Dreamy: Yes, it WAS...until you woke me up for school!


voyons (voir) = let's see
un cobaye (m) = guinea pig (also "un cochon d'Inde")
ouf! = phew!

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