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Holly Would Countdown

Author Karen Quinn will be here in just three more weeks to read and sign copies of her latest read, Holly Would Dream. The book, inspired by the incomparable Audrey Hepburn, moved the ladies at this Manhattan book signing to go full glam! (That's Karen with the red shawl...isn't she adorable?)

Of course, we girls (and fun guys) in the South are not to be outdone. I know of several groups who are already planning to storm the Mayfaire Barnes & Noble in full Hollywood style - black dresses, pearls, tiaras, limos and all. Since our bon bons have a cameo in the book, you'd better believe that there will be several fun surprises from The Bon Bon Queen. For one thing, I'm calling today to book my appointment for a fabulous up-do.

What about you? I'm looking forward to seeing you there...

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