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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

We're back from vacation, and I've got so many fun things to share with you in the coming weeks. But first, we're busy unpacking, doing laundry, answering emails, and settling back into our work routine. When we go on vacation, I carry a practical leather backpack - it serves as my travel purse. I wrote about it last year. It felt great to come home and shed the old black bag in favor of my best-loved purse:

Do you like it?

When my husband, father, brother, and sister-in-law saw it for the first time, they all told me it was U-G-L-Y! They couldn't understand why I would want to carry such a thing. But, I was in love with my oil cloth bag by Nanette Lepore, one of my all-time favorite designers. (The interior is lime green silk with her gorgeous label stitched onto the pocket). I love Nanette's glamorous-pin-up-girl-meets-bohemian-gypsy-style, and I long for the days when I have several Nanette Lepore pieces in my wardrobe. Her playful, feminine clothes with fun details are my definition of great style. But until my clothing budget increases (and my dress size decreases), I content myself with wearing her delicious perfume and her ultra-cool accessories like my rare ebay.com find.

"Don’t worry", I replied to my fashion-conservative family members: "Those who are in the know will KNOW that this bag is an ultra-cool designer original." And sure, enough, they do.

When I carried the purse while delivering bon bons to the costume department at the film studios, the costume designers went crazy over my bag. One woman even took a picture! Wanna, owner of Gigi’s Shoe Boutique ( 1051 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington ) admires it every time she sees me. I even got a compliment once from a fashion-forward cashier at the Market Street Wal-Mart. I didn't need anyone's validation to wear the bag proudly, but I do have a good time sharing these compliments with my incredulous family. Pascal has been with me a few times when my purse has become the object of someone's admiration, and he just shakes his head in disbelief! I suppose beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I've carried this bag so much and enjoyed its beauty for so long, that even I must admit it's beginning to look more shabby than chic. But rest assured that this beholder will keep searching for her next Lepore-inspired beauty!


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