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Do You Hear What I Hear?

If this gorgeous man, hailed a musical genius, the same celebrity violinist whose talent commands $1,000 a minute, was playing for you on a $3.5 million-dollar violin - while you were on your way to work - would you stop and listen? 

In his incredible article, Pearls Before Breakfast, Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post teams up with virtuoso Joshua Bell for an amazing experiment that questions how we define beauty and how context influences our judgment. Learn what happens when he plays for over 1,000 commuters in a busy D.C. metro station.

For me, the article was like one of the haunting melodies that Bell plays on the soundtrack of The Red Violin, something I won't soon forget. Thank you to Shawn Stucker for recommending this article in one of her recent (always inspiring!) posts.

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