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Oh, Say Can You Sing?

Like many Americans, my heart swells and my eyes tear when I hear a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. On low days, Ive been known to visit YouTube.com to listen to past Super Bowl performances for a quick dose of inspiration. I was in awe of performances by Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks until a friend, who knows someone who worked in television at the Super Bowl, confirmed that these performances are lip-synched versions of pre-recorded renditions.

So this July 4th, I'm listening to a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that I know is real. It is sung by an adorable group of young Southern crooners, The Cactus Cuties. It's definitely worth a listen:

Today, we'll celebrate the holiday South 'n France-style - first, by making crepes at a Grapes & Crepes Party with a bride who gets married tomorrow; then, by walking down to the Riverfront to enjoy our spectacular local fireworks with citizens from our community.  After all, "independence" is the same word in both French and English. So from both of us: Happy Independence Day!

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