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Crepe Balls of Fire

One of the things I love about our Grapes & Crepes Parties is that, just like Chef Gusteau's motto in Ratatouille, they prove that "Anyone Can Cook". Even Thera Storm.
Here is Thera's culinary background prior to her South 'n France crepe-making lesson, as told to us in her own words:

1. I thought "scratch" was something you added to food to make it spectacular.
2. I thought eggs were supposed to be boiled overnight.
3. I didn't know you were supposed to make a hamburger patty, THEN cook it. I cooked it and wondered why I couldn't get it to stick together.
4. Every time I cook I start a fire.

Here is Thera in action during the crepe party:

At first glance, you might think that things aren't going so well. Her crepe is on fire, and she did set off our smoke alarm. But look more closely and you'll notice the bottle of Gran Marnier near the crepe griddle; the butter, sugar and fresh-squeezed orange juice bubbling on her crepe; and the chocolate sauce just waiting to be pressed into service as a lovely garnishing drizzle. Perhaps it is true that every time Thera cooks she starts a fire. But it is also true that for at least one evening fire worked in her favor. Thera ended up with a delicious Crepe Suzette for dessert. She didn't even need to add "scratch".


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