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Somthing's Comin' Up Rosa

A while ago, I promised that I'd share some of my favorite foodie secrets. I just finished a jar of Rosa Mexicano Pomegranate-Black Bean Salsa, which just may be the best salsa in the world. (Rosa's Salsa de Piña runs a close second.) I'm so grateful that Rosa Mexicano now offers a retail line of gourmet salsas, marinades and chips. (They're available at Fresh Market or online).

For years, if you wanted a taste of this amazing, authentic Mexican haute cuisine, you had to travel to New York to find it. It was where Josefina Howard (who had an amazing life story) realized her dream of opening a restaurant that showcased the best of Mexican cooking. One of her signatures was (and still is) guacamole freshly made at tableside in a volcanic stone molcajete, the rustic mortar and pestle of the Mexican kitchen. I defy you to find a better guacamole!

At the restaurant, master guacamole makers arrive at the table with a lush selection of the ripest, freshest avocados I've ever seen and a handful of other simple ingredients needed to make the dish. Watching my guy "rock the guac" forever changed the way I prepare guacamole at home. For one thing, the avocado should be sliced into chunks, not mashed. The avocado chunks are then blended with a paste of onion, chilies, cilantro and salt. The result is a fresh, intensely flavorful guacamole with a rich texture. Time Out New York called it "green ecstasy in a stone bowl", and I agree that the taste is pure bliss. If you're ever in New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Palm Beach or Miami, seek out the Rosa Mexicano!

Until then, you can try preparing it at home. Or, just break out a bag of Rosa's delicious chips and a jar of that Pomegranate-Black Bean Salsa. Pair it with margaritas or a good cold beer, and you've got an instant, gourmet party!
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