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Bon Bon Bellies

Zachary. Nou. Caiden or Carter. Those are just a few names of the sweet little babies who are joining the South 'n France "family". It's baby mania here in Candyland; while Pascal and I are busy cranking out chocolate bon bons, our friends, co-workers and relatives have all had their own little "bon bons" in the oven. That's what inspired this photo from our most recent product photo shoot: Bon Bon Baby. Isn't the stroller the cutest?

But check out those little shoes. They belong to Lori and Steve's new addition, Zachary. He was so eager to join the world, he came six weeks early, weighing in at just 4 lbs 10 oz (or 74 bon bons). Zachary and Mom are both doing fine.

And, meet Nou. She's still hanging out in the belly of her Mommy, Tess (isn't that the cutest tummy?), but she'll be here soon.  I especially love this photo of Tess and Nou because it's such a perfect example of our relationship to Tess. You see, Tess is our "invisible" virtual assistant. She and her husband, Hamid, do amazing work on our website and blog, but no one ever sees them - including us. During the time they've been with South 'n France, this couple has lived in India, Nepal, Arizona, and Washington. We've never met them in person, but we communicate daily and they are a huge part of our work family. Much like giving birth, they perform mysterious miracles for our company (like creating an online shopping cart) from miles away.  We bought "My Mom Rocks" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" onesies for Nou because that's exactly how we feel about her amazing parents. We know she will agree.

Meanwhile, here at home, we're planning for the first Dupray-family grandchild from our generation. My brother and sister-in-law have the all-important find-out-the-sex ultrasound in just one week. We're all anxiously awaiting the results. I get the honor of decorating the nursery, and I must say that shopping for real babies is even more fun than shopping for bon bons! I can't wait to be "Auntie Charlene"!


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