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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I was browsing through a shopping magazine the other day, when I came across a page that profiled some style icon who was asked to list ten everyday things that make her happy. Her lifestyle is so far removed from mine that I don't remember anything on the list except Chanel ballerina flats that retail for about $675.

I do remember thinking that my list of ten everyday things that make me happy would be much different (which is probably one of the reasons why I will never be featured in national style columns. Another reason is undoubtedly my penchant for wearing giant pink cake hats and Bon Bon Queen outfits with marabou buttons!). Still, I hope that something on my own "happy everyday things list: will make you happy too:

Jafra Royal Jelly Body Complex: This is one of my affordable luxuries. It's touted to be the same body cream that Oprah and Catherine Zeta-Jones use, and I can believe it. The cream is silky smooth, very hydrating, and it has a wonderful fresh, clean scent that I adore.

Clean & Clear Toner Cooling Toner: Nothing beats a giant cotton round and some of this drugstore-brand toner to refresh my face on a hot, summer day.

Pier One Candles: I wait and stock up whenever Pier One is having one of their fabulous clearance sales. I'm currently burning through a bunch of biscotti-scented candles from my last sale-spree that smell absolutely delicious!

My Clarks: I like ballerina flats too, but mine retail for about $600 less than the Chanel brand. They're comfy with a modern twist to the classic ballet flat, and they remind me of a line in the movie Paris, Je T'aime when the actress says: "Tu aimes mes Clarks?"

Red Gingham Cloth Napkins: I love using cloth napkins, and my favorites are a set of soft, cotton red gingham ones. It feels like I'm on a picnic whenever I use them. Plus, my red napkins are very "green".

Tazo Spiced Black Tea Concentrate: My friend, Bentley, introduced me to this tea as a part of my Christmas gift. It has definitely been the gift that keeps on giving. A delicious alternative to coffee and standard tea bags, I keep it in my fridge during the fall and winter months for a daily cup of tasty relaxation.

CIBA Vision Clear Care Contact Lens Solution: This cleaning and disinfecting contact lens solution is the best I've ever used; it's like putting in a new pair of contact lenses every morning!

DiorShow Mascara: Two very fashionable friends from NYC turned me onto this fabulous mascara. Cosmetics giant Sephora agreed that it's an amazing product and named it the best mascara on the market in 2007.  It does a great job of thickening my lashes and I feel very chic knowing that I'm wearing at least one thing by Dior.

The Trump Office Varick Black Leather Executive Chair: After years of working on uncomfortable standard-issue office chairs, I vowed that one day, I would have my own plush, super-deluxe chair. This past Christmas, Pascal made that dream come true. He bought me this chair that is so comfortable, yet supportive, it feels like I'm working on a down-filled bed. I definitely love it! And, I hope that the fact that it bears the Trump name means that one day I'll also be sitting on a nice pile of money!

Cuisinart Mini Chopper: There are lots of kitchen gadgets and utensils that make our everyday existence happy (our commercial-grade cutting
board, our Oneida safety can opener, our super-sharp Schinken Messer knife), but one of my favorites was a wedding present
that gets used almost every day! Our Cuisinart Mini Chopper has chopped everything from herbs to chocolate to nuts over the past seven years, and it just keeps on going. We also love that it’s easy to clean!


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