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A Penny for Your Marketing Thoughts

Every six weeks or so, I make an appearance on Reggie Shropshire's local radio program, The Business Coach, to talk about marketing and PR ideas. My next appearance is three weeks away. I haven't finalized all of my material, yet, but you'd better believe that this story will make it into the show:

Chevrolet created a 20-foot billboard made entirely from 20,000 one-pence to advertise the starting price of a new Aveo to the London marketplace. The unique billboard, sporting more than 20,000 pennies, was created to advertise the 769,500-pence starting price of the new Aveo. It only took 30 minutes for hundreds of opportunistic bypassers to strip it clean. But, presumably, just like the new car it advertises, the billboard is getting great mileage. To hear more on brilliant marketing schemes like this one, tune in for my next appearance on WAAV talk radio at 10 am on Wednesday, August 13th. Meanwhile, you can visit our press page to hear one of the previous shows.

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