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Thank Heaven, For Little Dogs

This week, the South 'n France poster dog, Copper, went to heaven. Copper (Le Chien Francais) was the grand prize winner in our Poodle and Puppy Parade in last year's Bastille Day Celebration.

Copper had spunk and great taste. He wisely adopted his loving owner, Elizabeth, by following her through the streets of San Diego. Elizabeth dubbed him "the miracle dog" because this sweet rescue pup survived a lot in his lifetime, which was no small miracle. He started life in a San Diego drug den where he was beaten and abused; later he broke his back after falling off a grooming table at PetSmart. Copper endured three surgeries and two months in the hospital as a result of that fall. In the end, though, he succumbed to advanced kidney disease. Because we're a food-making establishment, pets are not allowed at South 'n France, but Pascal and I got to visit Copper often in his own happy home. He was a sweet and gentle dog, and we will miss him. Of course, we're sure that Copper is delighted to be reunited with his good friend, Bud. In her eulogy to this amazing dog, Elizabeth summed it up with this quote:


No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.
-Louis Sabin

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