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Monsoon River Doesn’t Deter Glam-Girl Audreys

If you are a regular reader of this blog (thank you!), you will recall our very enthusiastic build-up to the arrival of author Karen Quinn.  She came to Wilmywood to read from her book Holly Would Dream. For her book reading and signing, Audrey and Karen fans were encouraged to come dressed in homage to that icon of Hollywood glamour, Audrey Hepburn. But that day, another great dame decided to shower us with her presence. Her name?  Mother Nature. And shower us, she did! The heavens opened and the rain poured down so fiercely and so quickly, we were sure Wilmington was experiencing a monsoon of epic proportions. Streets flooded, traffic lights stopped working, and we started to worry that no one would be able to make their way to the Mayfaire Barnes & Noble - especially in tight black dresses, high heels, fancy hats, and evening gloves.

But, the stylish women of Wilmington proved that they were willing to pay the high price of navigating puddles and accessorizing with umbrellas in order to partake in some good, old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. Despite Mother Nature's attempt to grandstand our false eyelashes, tiaras and pearls, a crowd of brave literary fans filled the chairs at Barnes & Noble. They were all eager to hear Karen entertain us with stories of how she wrote this delicious novel about fashion, travel, romance, and adventure.

Local fashion icon Jess James (fabulous stylist and Style Girl columnist) wore her best Audrey attire and wrote a wonderful account of the evening in the July 25th edition of the Wilmington Star News. Couture milliner, Jan Wutkowski, owner of Amuse graced us with a drop-dead gorgeous Audrey-inspired chapeau.  Cheri Olsen, Ladies Who Launch leader in Wilmington, donned her pearls, sunglasses and fabulous vintage gloves. Melissa Kinnamon of NSALO salon on Front Street gave me the perfect up-do to complete my own Audrey look.

And there were more Audreys, darlings, many more; each and every one of them truly...well...darling!  

World-renowned photographer, Millie Holloman, was there to capture this historic evening when the Mayfaire Barnes & Noble welcomed the best-dressed customers it has ever seen. Of course every photo Millie takes is gorgeous, but I like the black and white ones best since they are true to the spirit of that old Hollywood style we re-created while the thunder clapped in appreciation and the lightning added a special glow to our rhinestoned-tiaras.

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