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Why We Love Our Customers

There are so many reasons why we love our customers. We've mentioned several of them on the blog before. Here's another:

#149:  You send us great mail! 

There are very few things that make us happier than finding a hand-written note in our mailbox from one of our customers. We've received postcards from places like France and Japan; thank you notes for a marvelous time at one of our events; notes of encouragement; and clippings with congratulations when we've been spotted in the press. We keep them and cherish them all. We can't tell you how much they motivate us to keep on keepin' on. The pink poodles card made us laugh. It says: "French Poodles for the Frenchman", and the Marie-Antoinette inspired photo is part of an exquisite handmade thank you card complete with a velum cover and gold-ribbon bow. The inside inscription says: "Let them eat South 'n France Bon Bons". We may bring sweetness to your lives in the form of gourmet chocolate bon bons, but you also bring a most-appreciated sweetness to ours.

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