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That Crazy Magic 8

Tomorrow is a most auspicious day:  08/08/08. Such perfectly symmetrical dates happen rarely. In fact, this one won't happen again for another century. Many happy couples will celebrate by getting married - it's reported to be one of the most popular wedding dates in recent years. We'll celebrate the day with our Crazy Eights Sale of the Century. The Chinese (and much of the world) will celebrate 08/08/08 with the opening of the Olympic Games.

In China, the number 8 is considered to be as lucky as our culture’s Lucky Number 7. Eight is such a coveted number, in fact, that people pay extra to have an 8 included in their phone number or license plate. Home and business addresses with the number 8 are also highly coveted. I guess that we're doubly lucky since South 'n France is located at 822 Orange Street and our zip code has an '8' in it too! Why is 8 such a big deal? Well, have you ever noticed that if you cut the number 8 in half vertically or horizontally, both halves mirror themselves perfectly? In the Chinese culture, perfect symmetry leads to perfect balance which is their ideal. Also, the pronunciation for the number eight sounds like "ba" and rhymes with the Chinese word for prosperity, which is pronounced "fa".

All of this talk about eights got me thinking about the iconic Magic 8-Ball. Did you know that the eight ball's messages are printed on a 20-sided cube? You can read the history of the Ball and its twenty possible answers here. A little more internet research revealed that there are lots of people out there who are obsessed with this plastic novelty toy: those who use it as their oracle for all life-changing decisions, people who claim the 8-Ball has ruined their lives, and quite a few who have cracked open the ball to see what's inside. Apparently, it tastes awful and stains your skin - can you believe people have actually tried drinking that mysterious dark blue liquid? One thing led to another, and before you knew it I had spent half an hour navigating through the crazy world of the Magic 8-Ball. I even discovered a few sites that violate Mattel's intellectual property rights with their own online 8-Ball oracles. 

I had to ask at least one question before moving on, so I went for the obvious: "Magic 8-Ball, should I stop procrastinating and get back to work?". 
Apparently the 8-Ball has quite a sense of humor.  Its response? ASK AGAIN LATER

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