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Lillie and Luna

Last week, I got a call from a recent college grad named Michael Luna. He discovered my singing telegram service while surfing the internet and wanted me to perform a singing telegram for his girlfriend who is leaving the country soon. She's going to spend a year teaching English in Spain, and he was looking for the perfect send-off. Sadly, Michael hadn't called soon enough. I was already booked for the entire weekend. We simply could not find a time that worked for their schedule and mine. But this sweet, endearing young man refused to give up. He thought it over for a day and then called me back with a most unusual proposal. He wanted me to go ahead and write a singing telegram that he could perform himself. "Do you sing?", I asked.  "No", he replied, "but I'll try".

I couldn't resist Michael's determined, romantic efforts, so I agreed to help him out. I had a few challenges. First, I had to come up with a song that had an easy-to-sing melody for Michael. Second, I had to write lyrics with a delicate message. It was clear to me that our young Mr. Luna is head over heels for his "Lillie", but their relationship is not at the L-word stage. He wanted a heartfelt song that conveyed his emotions, but I couldn't get too mushy or say things like...ahem...I heart you. "Can you say you're going to miss her?", I asked. "Well", he replied, "As silly as it sounds, I actually will miss her a lot". I assured him that it did not sound silly at all. He completed the questionnaire I send out to those who order a singing telegram, and his answers were adorable:

Questionnaire:  Does the singing telegram recipient have a significant other, and if so what is their status (i.e. married, dating, etc).

Luna's reply:  Dating whenever she is not mad at him for screwing up.

Questionnaire:  Tell us about any comical or embarrassing moments the singing telegram recipient has had:

Luna's reply:  I am not allowed to mention.

Questionnaire:  What things does the singing telegram recipient like best?

Luna's reply:  bright colors (pinks and blues together), rainbow birthday cake with funfetti icing, sea turtles, watching thunderstorms, dancing, singing really loud, Rottweiler puppies, bubble wrap, musicals, large stuffed animals and me, Mike Luna

I also learned that they met at a chocolate shop. He calls her "Lilliedew" and she calls him "Moonpie". Are they cute, or what? I made Michael promise to let me know how it went. He sang to her this weekend, and here's what he said:  "She loved it. She said that she was more surprised that I remembered certain dates and things since I have not always been the best about that. Charlene I really do want to thank you so much." I can't help but wonder what will happen to these two. Having been a young girl eager to travel the world and easily charmed by foreign accents, there is so much that I am tempted to say. But, I'll limit myself to this: "Moonpie, you're a gem of a guy and Lilliedew, I wish I were you."

Here's the singing telegram that Michael performed to the folk song classic:  Oh, Susanna! 

She's from New Alsace, Indiana
Her name is Kat Lillie
She’s a beautiful red-headed girl
And her age is 23

I met her at Harry's Chocolate Shop
The date was December 3rd
We watched the Ravens and the Patriots
When I watched her, my heart, it stirred

Oh, my Lilliedew
I'd never be the same
Funfetti cake with rainbow icing, yes
That’s what my life became

I had a dream the other night
We were watchin' waves upon the shore
A storm came along, but I held her tight
I couldn't have asked for more

The thunder clapped like bubble wrap
There were sea turtles all around
She sang and danced in a bright-colored dress
As if my soul she'd found

"You’re more refreshing than a Den Pop

More fun than a Rottweiler puppy"

At least - that's what she said - in my dream
'Cause she was wasn't mad at me

Then she disappeared into the sea
I heard Spanish voices all around
I combed the beach for seashells
And picked my heart up off the ground.

My sweet Lillidew
Oh, how I'll miss you so
But, I'll be waitin' here to kiss you, dear,
I just wanted to let you know

Oh, Kat Lillie, don’t forget your ol' Moonpie
If you get lonely, then just sing this song
'Cause I'll always be close by

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