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At Least It’s Not Luna Parc...

I found the building we live and work in during a solo weekend visit to Wilmington. It was pink even then, but sans the blue window shutters, window boxes and doors you see here. Pascal was back in Manhattan, working double shifts at the restaurant, and he couldn't be reached. Unable (and okay, I confess, perhaps a tad unwilling...) to consult him first, I made an offer for the house on the spot. When I got back to the city and showed him the photos, he was completely incredulous. "Absolutely not!" he exclaimed, "There is no way that I will ever live in a pink house!" Of course, we know how the story ends.

I've always loved color, whimsy, originality and folk art. For years, I dreamed of driving an old pickup truck painted hot pink with multi-colored Gerber daisy accents. The very thought still sends Pascal into spasms. So, while I was trying to get him adjusted to the idea of moving to our pink house in the South, I decided to use a little shock therapy. My friend Vanessa took me to visit Luna Parc.

Artist Ricky Boscarino, the creator and owner of Luna Parc, is a friend of her family, and he gave us permission to tour his private residence (normally closed to the public). It's hidden in the woods of rural Sussex County, New Jersey. Only the funky lavender mailbox at the road gives it away. For me, it was love at first sight. I adore the incredible kitchen (check out that sink!), the magnificent mosaic bathroom with its gravy-boat-fountain, the exterior color palette and gingerbread trim, and the funky sculpture garden. Even the lime green walls in Ricky's work studio make my heart sing for joy.

I snapped lots and lots of photos and later showed them to Pascal: "Honey, I understand that you have reservations about that pink house", I began, my tone dripping with concern. "If you don't like it, I just wanted you to know that I've found a suitable back-up property. We could always live here instead - I just love it!" Pascal flipped through the photos with jaw-dropping horror and quickly decided that the pink house would do very nicely indeed. While I've contained my sprucing up of the pink house to moderate changes like adding window boxes, Ricky Boscarino is advancing full-speed ahead on Luna Parc. Since my visit, he is working on a new addition - a museum and ballroom wing. Click here for a full tour of his masterpiece. I will be forever grateful to Ricky for his inspiring creativity and for the important role he unwittingly played in nudging Pascal toward saying "yes" to our own colorful little abode.
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