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Yesterday, I wrote about how one of my favorite homes in America, Luna Parc, led me to my own colorful home. Today, I thought I'd share some fun, crazy furniture that brings me joy. There's no place for it in our current environment, but I look forward to the day when we have a house big enough for my own wild and wacky office wing that will surely be decorated in what I call "Haute Creativity". This sofa is by Lila Jang and is called "Canapé" (the French word for "sofa"). It's so "Alice in Wonderland", isn't it? I wonder if it's actually comfortable... The piece was featured in a Parisian art exposition called: "Once Upon a Time" (Il Était Une Fois).

Speaking of Wonderland, check out this fabulous armoire by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs. The curvaceous (totally functional) dresser, the Airstream dog house and the table (called "Bad Table") are also part of Beaumont's incredible portfolio.


There are many work days when I feel like a "chicken with my head cut off". Perhaps this lamp, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, would help me see more clearly.


And, wouldn't it be great to end the day by kicking off my heels and enjoying a nice glass of wine? Mario Philippona seems to agree...

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