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We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

I'm trying to de-clutter the office. While going through old papers, I came across one of our "vintage" flavor cards. In the very early days of the business, I used to hand-write our flavor cards with magic markers on 3x5" unlined index cards! When we started getting so many orders that my hand cramped and I no longer had the time to "play with magic markers", we invested in printing our first flavor legend. It looked like this: the colors on the card were only an approximate match to the true foil colors (for example, our Peanut Buttah bon bon is actually wrapped in a light blue foil). Although it was better than nothing, it sometimes confused our early customers. We also didn't like that the flavor legend was twice the size of our 8-piece Bon Bon Sampler! As business improved, we invested in a more sophisticated flavor legend which has now gone through several evolutions, including the recent addition of our newest flavor, Café au Lait. I have a new and improved flavor card design idea in mind. But, I've always had "champagne taste on a beer-bottle budget" and for the moment, my wonderful idea is too cost-prohibitive. Until we're able to upgrade our flavor legends once more, I'll just have to take comfort in the fact that in the past two-and-a-half years, we've already come a long way.

("Vintage" South 'n France flavor legend / Our current flavor legend)
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