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My Other House is in France

Years ago, a family friend gave me an embroidered pillow that says "My Other House Is In France". It sits on a Louis XVI chair atop a fat toile cushion in our Great Room where it delights many visitors with its message. For me, that little pillow is a constant reminder that we are always working toward the realization of one of my biggest dreams: a "residence secondaire" in France, a charming "maison de campagne".One of these would do very nicely. I picked them out of my online "Wish Book", a Sotheby’s International website that features luxury homes in Provence. Until I can spend summers and holidays in the French countryside at my "other house", I can enjoy virtual excursions from this one. Want to join me? Just a few clicks of the mouse and a healthy dose of creative visualization and you too can have a "villa of glamour", a "residence of charm" or an "authentic farmhouse" as your second home.
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