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Back to School

Here in the Carolinas, school has officially started. Being the Lisa Simpson of the family, this causes me to stare wistfully at all of the pristine notebooks and unsharpened pencils in the stores, a part of me wishing that I were joining all of those students in the halls of their hallowed institutions. Being the Bart Simpson of the family, Pascal shudders as he walks by those same school supply aisles, relieved that the only backpack he will carry this fall will be full of supplies for kayaking and going to the beach. I was the type who would have been devastated by a "B" on a book report; Pascal was the type who would read the first chapter of the book and make the rest up as he hammed it up for laughs during his in-class presentation. One time, his presentation on Sherlock Holmes' The Hound of the Baskervilles was so outrageous the teacher gave him a "C" for creativity. Here are some other answers that Pascal might have given as a student. 

For a good laugh, follow this link to view two incredibly creative reports about Walt Whitman and Jimmy McPhearson. Of course, they're not as creative as the high school essay my little brother once wrote about inventing a musical condom; he got in big trouble for that one!

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