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Got a Latte Time on Your Hands?

Last week, I learned about latte art from one of my favorite blogs, neatorama.com. Apparently there are talented artists out there who can create works of art in your cappuccino. Using foamed milk, caramel and chocolate sauce, they draw amazing free-hand creations. Search for "latte art" on youtube.com, and you'll get more than 1500 video results!

Now, a really smart guy has invented a latte printer. The printer uses caramel-colored edible ink to print graphics right on your morning cup of Joe. I think it's a brilliant idea that will surely make him rich. The fledgling company’s site, onlatte.com, even directs you to an early blog post that tells you how to make your own latte printer. In addition to a flatbed plotter, a GPIB card, and a 12V replay (they lost me at flatbed plotter!), it looks like you'll also need a latte time on your hands. I think I'll wait until I can buy an On Latte Printer in stores. Meanwhile, I look forward to learning how to draw a few basic latte designs by hand; talk about a fun party trick!


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