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Neat-O Pho-Tos!

Neatorama.com did it again! This time, in the author's mission is to find and share all of the cool, neat, different, weird and wacky stuff out there on the web he led me to a fun site called YearbookYourself.com. Upload a digital photo, and the site uses it to create yearbook photos spanning from 1950-2000. Pascal's photo worked better than mine (I have a really big head and skin so pale it often didn’t match the grey tones in the photos!). But his yearbook shots were realistic-looking and priceless! We laughed and laughed at what his senior photos would have looked like in 1954, 1966, 1974, and 1998. A few of my "yearbook" photos from the late nineties looked just like real photos of me taken at the time. Pascal wouldn't let me share some of the funniest shots, but he did agree that I could show you what we look like as a couple circa 1960. As we would have said back then:  "Don’t flip your wig; these photos are a gas!"
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