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A La Shopping Cart

I love to imagine people's kitchens, their menus, and their lives whenever I go to the grocery store. As these strangers place items on the checkout conveyor belt, my imagination runs wild. I'm always amused by particularly clichéd or highly unusual combinations like the guy with the Hungry Man frozen dinner and a six-pack of beer or the girl who stood in line with a bottle of Drano, a can of ant spray and a pint of ice cream. Poor thing! In my mind, she'd just moved into a new apartment riddled with problems, and she needed a little ice cream pick-me-up to lift her spirits. So, I was both intrigued and delighted when I went to the store the other day and found this grocery list on a standard index card paper-clipped to the cart:

Phyllis (presumably, so she wouldn't forget that it was her list)

Ceral (sic) "Red Berries"
Lettace (sic)
Oreos  (Apparently Phyllis really likes Oreos and doesn't want to forget them!)
A little research confirmed that I'm not the only one interested in strangers' grocery lists; Bill Keaggy compiled an entertaining collection of real shopping lists into a book titled Milk, Eggs, Vodka

You can also see his grocery list collection online. So far more than 1800 lists have been posted. I'm not sure if this one is listed, but I love it. It was created by a little boy named Lucas after his Mom announced that she was going to the grocery store. I love how he spells "cashews"! His Mom explained that Lucas also added a few toys to his list: a Yoda mask, a Yoda robe and a lightsaber! I can just envision him munching on "cashoos" behind his "yoda masc", "litsabr" in his other hand.

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