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Buried Treasure

This Labor Day weekend, Pascal and I settled on a little antique hunting as our recreation. We set a modest budget and chose our venues - a spot we've been to a few times before and a new place, only open on Saturdays, that was recently recommended by a friend. We generally stay away from the clean, beautifully merchandised (and expensive) antique dealers, preferring to rough it in grimy, cluttered spots where only the bravest, most dedicated salvage hunters dare go. On Friday afternoon, we hit our regular haunt, a veritable junkyard off of a rural highway. Since our last visit one of the walls has caved in, but the toothless gent who runs the joint (and seems to rarely run his shower) was still sitting in his usual spot, lording it over his kingdom. We braved puddles of water, spiders, ants, mud and grime to pick through his stuff, much of it now water-logged thanks to his new "skylight".  We unearthed a few cool items buried in the mess, but left in dire need of our own showers. 

That didn't stop us from venturing out on the following hot and humid morning to find a warehouse (no address, just directions) filled to the rafters with cool stuff. It's a claustrophobic's nightmare and an antique hunters' dream! We carefully side-stepped our way down the aisles (they're too narrow to navigate facing forward), sometimes having to reverse directions to find our way out of the crazy maze. It was overwhelming, but mostly in a good way. 

In the shelter magazines, the editors often send contributors out to flea markets and antique fairs, later creating a photo spread paired with a financial accounting of the treasures they found. I thought it would be fun to share our own version:

Budget $40

Vintage Daisy Pin:  $8 
Can't wait to wear this with the cool Beverly Feldman shoes I bought for a steal on ebay.com this summer; they're brown wedge heels with turquoise beading that matches this pin!

Trio of Angels:  $2
I love their expressions and their poses; they'll be a great addition to our holiday décor!

"French" Scene Cookie Tin:  $15
This antique Sunshine Biscuit tin was produced in 1970. It's doubly cool with two different painted scenes of Montmartre (Pascal's old neighborhood in Paris) by the French painter Maurice Utrillo. The front is a year-round scene; the back features a snowy holiday painting of Sacré Coeur church.

Vintage Pig:  $10
Pascal couldn't resist this iron cast piggy bank for his pig collection. 

As if these treats weren't exciting enough, as a bonus we came in $2 dollars under our budget! Was it worth the two spider bites, the near-heat stroke, and a bad case of the heebie-jeebies? You betcha bottom dollar, or in this case, two!

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