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A Genie-us Way to Get Girls

One day while walking on the beach, a lucky guy found a mysterious bottle. He uncorked it and out popped a genie who, in the tradition of genies everywhere, gave the fortunate beachcomber three wishes. The lucky guy first wished for a million dollars and poof! - a million dollars appeared. Then he wished for a convertible, and poof! - a convertible materialized before his eyes. Then, the guy asked the genie to grant his biggest desire. "Genie", he said, "I want you to make me irresistible to all women", and poof! - he turned into a South 'n France Bon Bon!

Pascal and I had been dating for less than a month when Disney’s animated feature Aladdin came to the cinemas in Paris. It was my turn to choose a date, so I picked dinner and this movie. Pascal was skeptical (he couldn't believe I wanted to take him to see a cartoon), but he loved it!  Robin Williams' wise-cracking genie kept him laughing the whole time. Pascal's delight with the film and his cute little laugh certainly made him all the more irresistible to me!

Why did Robin Williams refuse the gift of an original Picasso painting from Walt Disney Co. CEO, Michael Eisner? Check out this trivia tidbit from imdb.com.

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